Thyroid: Facets you need to know

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Thyroid: Facets You Need to Know

The hormones in the body play a necessary part in managing complete health. A hormonal inequality signals its issue by portraying different symptoms in the body. In that manner, the Thyroid problem is a highly discussed topic that most individuals experience. The Thyroid is a hormonal imbalance that needs treatment with a Thyroid antibodies test, proper medication, and diet. Statistics state that thyroid dysfunction is a familiar health issue in India. Let's drench ourselves into thyroid details and ways to detect it earlier with the Thyroid FNAC test


The thyroid gland 


The thyroid gland resembles butterfly wings and resides in the front lower neck. The appropriate position of the Thyroid is on the anterior side of the windpipe and below Adam's apple. The two lobes of the organ act as a bridge in the mid named the Isthmus. 

The gland releases several hormones, known as thyroid hormones, where T4 or thyroxine is the crucial one. The thyroid gland's primary function is its action over the entire body in impacting the development, growth, metabolism, and body temperature. 


Symptoms associated with thyroid disease


Several symptoms similar to other medical conditions sync with a Thyroid problem, and it becomes tricky to detect thyroid disease. In such scenarios, it's wise to beat your brain out and choose Thyroid profile, T3, T4, and TSH for detecting Thyroid. Here are a few symptoms connected with Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. 


Based on the quantity of hormone the thyroid releases, thyroid disease falls into hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. As soon as the Thyroid is overactive, it creates more hormones leading to Hyperthyroidism. Similarly, when your Thyroid is underactive or produces a minimal hormone, you're tagged as hypothyroidism. 


There are overlapping symptoms with both conditions, but tiredness and sluggishness happen in hypothyroidism, whereas high blood pressure and racing heartbeat lead to Hyperthyroidism. Let's run through symptoms associated with hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. 


Indications of Hypothyroidism  

  •   Weight gain 
  •   Slow heart rate 
  •   Fatigue
  •   Puffy face
  •   Insomnia 
  •   Feeling colder
  •   Joint and muscle pain 
  •   Irregular or heavy periods
  •   Constipation
  •   Depression and irritability 
  •   Hair loss
  •   Brittle nails 
  •   Deceased sweating 


Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism  

  •   Insomnia 
  •   Hair loss
  •   Fatigue 
  •   Diarrhoea 
  •   Muscle weakness
  •   Increased sweating 
  •   Weight loss or gain 
  •   Puffy or bulging eyes 
  •   Feeling warmer 
  •   Nervousness or anxiety 
  •   Flaking, nail thickening 
  •   Short or light periods 


Thyroid conditions 


The disorders and illnesses of the Thyroid leave the individual out of sorts. Let us list a few thyroid conditions. 


  1.   Thyroiditis: The condition arises from viral infection or due to thyroid inflammation. Thyroiditis highlights the absence of symptoms but is a bit painful. 
  2.   Graves' disease: The condition happens during overstimulation of the Thyroid resulting in hypothyroidism. 
  3.   Goiter: Though the condition is harmless, it appears as thyroid swelling and highlights iodine deficiency. 
  4.   Thyroid storm: The condition arises due to exceedingly high thyroid hormone, a significant reason for Hyperthyroidism. 
  5.   Hyperthyroidism: The overactive thyroid nodule paves the way for an extreme exposition of thyroid hormones resulting in Hyperthyroidism. 
  6.   Thyroid cancer: The above is rare cancer curable through hormone treatments, radiation, and surgery. 
  7.   Hypothyroidism: The primary reason for hypothyroidism is due to an autoimmune disease that favors thyroid damage. Moreover, minimal thyroid hormone production also falls out as hypothyroidism. 
  8.  Thyroid nodule: The above nodule arises due to an unusual lump or mass in the thyroid gland. Though the condition is standard, few nodules turn cancerous. In such situations, the secretion of additional hormones also opens doors for Hyperthyroidism. 


Thyroid Tests PMK scans


For individuals desiring to enjoy a clean bill of health, testing for Thyroid with a Thyroid FNAC test in advance is an ideal choice. Detecting the Thyroid is a cakewalk these days with Thyroid antibody tests at centres like PMK scans and labs. Our lab covers all categories of Thyroid profile, T3, T4, and TSH, at pocket-friendly charges. Here is a list of tests our best scan Hosur offers. 


  •  Thyroid profile T3, T4, TSH test: For examining the effective working of thyroid glands, the Thyroid profile test is conducted in PMK scans. The test shows details of T4 total serum thyroxine, T3 total serum Tri Iodothyronine, and TSH, the Thyroid-stimulating hormone. With all these, the ultrasensitive TSH helps to know about the working of the thyroid gland. 
  •  Thyroid scan: For gaining pictures of the thyroid organ, the patient is given a minimal quantity of radioactive iodine through the mouth to obtain better pictures of the thyroid gland. The given iodine accumulates around the thyroid gland. 
  • T3 and T4 thyroxine: Blood test samples are collected to learn about the primary form of thyroid hormone. 
  •  Thyroid antiglobulin antibodies test (TgAb): The thyroid antiglobulin antibodies test gives details of antibody levels against thyroglobulin. The thyroid gland produces antiglobulin, a protein utilized by the thyroid gland for developing T3 and T4 for helps maintain growth and metabolism. 
  • Thyroid FNAC test: The Thyroid FNAC test or a thyroid fine needle aspiration biopsy is an effective procedure that helps collect samples from the thyroid gland. A minor hollow needle is employed for removing cells. The test helps in treating thyroid cysts or identifying cancer in thyroid nodules. 
  •  Thyroid ultrasounds: By passing sound waves towards the neck with the support of a probe, abnormal areas of thyroid tissue are detected by professionals at our best scan centre. 
  • TSH test: The TSH hormone's primary function is regulating the thyroid hormone's release. A blood test for TSH hormones identifies if the individual has low TSH leading to Hyperthyroidism or high TSH indicating hypothyroidism. 
  • Thyroid biopsy: With the support of a needle, a minimal amount of thyroid tissue helps for testing for cancer. 
  •  Imaging test: The MRI, CT, and PET scans support the doctors in obtaining a clear picture of the Thyroid spread. 


The best thyroid scan Hosur covers advanced thyroid tests that help in the early detection and prevention of thyroid severity. 




For a good picture of your health, it is necessary to book a thyroid test. We offer the best thyroid scan in Hosur with the best packages and thyroid tests for detecting Thyroid early. Moreover, our experienced technicians and advanced technology help quickly deliver reports for immediate treatment. The preventive healthcare at Hosur offers discounts for customers heading to PMK scans for the first time. Book the thyroid tests instantly and enjoy the privileges at PMK scans Hosur. 


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