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14.11.22 05:54 AM By PMK Scans and Lab

The Necessity for Corporate Employment Health Check_ups

The success and growth of organizations depend on the best-performing employees. Every organization believes that employees with a clean bill of health give the best results and help develop a successful business. Many organizations plan annual health check-ups for employees, focusing on their health and helping them stay as fit as a fiddle. Additionally, ample company laws and health check-up programs focus on employees' health. It is true that a healthy employee works with happiness and enthusiasm and adds to the prosperity of the organization.


Need for health check-ups

A healthy team always puts their heart and soul into work and welfares the organization. Henceforth employee health check-up adds to the organization's progress. Periodic health analysis also detects any malfunction or disease in employees and treats them initially. Inspecting the body and treating any disease earlier is an intelligent way to avert significant diseases. Moreover, companies abide by company laws and follow annual health check-ups for employees. 


Employee health check-ups have turned into a mandatory protocol in all organizations. Hence choosing centers with all amenities, expert technicians, doctors, advanced equipment, and quick testing is compulsory. In that manner, the PMK scans Hosur center is an apt choice for corporate employment check-ups


About PMK scans for health check-ups 


The only best option that pops up in mind for employee health check-ups is the PMK scans and diagnostic center in Hosur.

·  With a decade of experience and nearly three lakh trusted customers, PMK scans Hosur for employee health check-ups and has all conveniences for tests.

·  It is of great opportunity, as PMK scans Hosur for employee health check-ups and holds advanced technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and fully automated laboratories. 

·  The customized corporate and special packages benefit organizations for proper health check-ups of employees.

·  Organizations can choose specific tests and scans that are mandatory for employees and rule out others.

·  Our center suggests a few customized packages best for employment programs. 


Tests conducted by PMK scans 


The organization scores high by holding hands with PMK scans for employee health benefits as we cover a complete health package. The 


·  Kidney function: The test helps analyze the proper working of kidneys. It also portrays if the kidney is affected by infection or diabetes. Sugar: The blood sugar test helps you know the blood sugar levels and if the employee has diabetes.


·  CBC: To gain a vision of overall health and identify conditions such as leukemia, anaemia, etc. CBC test helps. 


·  Audiometry: The hearing capability and disorders associated with ears are detected with audiometry tests. 


·  Echo: An Echo test is prescribed to check the proper regularity of heart conditions. 

 Spirometry: A spirometry test helps test breathing abnormalities, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and asthma. 


·  ECG: The test helps understand symptoms that lead to a heart attack. 


·  Covid RT PCR: The test has become mandatory these days as the RT PCR test helps in identifying the covid virus. 


 A doctor consultation also adds to the package, making the employee health benefits program meaningful. 


Highlights of PMK scans


Organizations enjoy unlimited benefits by choosing PMK scans for employment health check-ups. Our PMK team bends over backward to make employment health check-ups the best.

·  We have a dedicated and special team for handling corporate health check-ups.

Hence employment health check-ups with PMK scans are hassle-free.

·  Organizations feel elated as PMK scans reduce the burden of employees running around the city for medical tests by conducting on-site camps with instant reports.

·  Moreover, the PMK online reports facilities are an added advantage for busy employees to download reports anytime with few clicks effortlessly.

·  The main facet of PMK scans for employment check-ups is the availability of specialized, customized, and discounted packages. 


PMK’s trusted customers


The quality service of PMK scans with expert technicians makes PMK scans the best for corporate employment health check-ups. In that manner, PMK scans have a list of top organizations as customers, such as TVS, Gabriel Anand, Titan, Carborandom, Harita groups, Hindustan Unilever, Minda, SSF plastics, and many more companies. Collaborate with PMK scans for corporate employment health check-ups and enjoy unlimited benefits. 




For those looking for the best medical camps in organizations for the welfare of employees, register with PMK scans Hosur for better results. We offer pre-employment health fitness certificates, test packages customized for industries, health awareness talks by experts, portable x-rays, conduct check-ups at the organization at your convenient time and PMK online report facilities are unique features of PMK. Choosing PMK scans Hosur is a smart and best option for organizations. Organizations concerned about employees' wellness associate with PMK scans for a healthy journey. Run through our website and contact us for more details.
PMK Corporate Employment Health Check_ups
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