Safe pregnancy-A step ahead.

06.07.22 05:14 AM By PMK Scans and Lab

7 Mind-blowing tips for safe pregnancy 

The nine months of pregnancy is a golden period for mothers as they wait to welcome the most precious gift with open arms. Though the experience is overwhelming for the couples, the mother and baby entail additional care. NCBI states that for the last few decades, 10,000 maternal deaths took place out of 4.3 million live births in 2020. Since pregnancy risks life and limb, calling for complete care is essential. Educating and aiming for safe pregnancy is mandatory. Let us run a few pointers towards a safe pregnancy that delivers a healthy baby. 


1. Nutrition-filled food 

The first and foremost focus for any pregnant woman is consuming healthy food. Eating more doesn't summarize to double the calorie count. The calories counter needs an additional 300 per day. The most significant part is that the calories are nutrient-rich. Moreover, adding a hike in protein to 70 grams from 45 grams pitches the score perfectly during pregnancy. A good piece of advice for expecting mothers is to stay away from unsafe food items. Unpasteurized juice or dairy, mercury-rich raw seafood, half-cooked eggs or meat, etc., are eradicated from your list of food items. 


2. Antenatal care 

Antenatal care is the special care received by pregnant moms by proficient healthcare professionals. Worthy antenatal care counts in period screening that helps detect early complications that vividly distress the fetus. Henceforth, periodic screening, monitoring, and safe motherhood medications with early pregnancy scans support the journey towards safe pregnancy. 


3. Supplements 

During the prenatal period, consuming iron, vitamin D, and folic acid supplements benefits the baby by deterring the risks of congenital disabilities such as anencephaly and Spina Bifida. A good piece of advice is averting over-the-counter medicines and herb supplements without consultation with the doctors. Opting for safe motherhood medications paves the way for safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. 


4. Exercise 

A gentle and regular exercise for pregnant women helps you hit the jackpot. Pregnancy is a period to put on weight. However, by following exercises, a healthy weight is maintained.

Exercises reap exceptional benefits in getting rid of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. Moreover, regular exercise ensures up-front labour and birth without complications. Yoga, walking, Aquanatal classes, and more result in a win-win situation. 


5. Sound sleep 

The first and third trimesters make pregnant women dizzy all the time. It's always better to get early into bed and sleep comfortably. Doctors recommend lying down on the left, supporting improved blood movement towards the organs and relieving the belly from pressure. 


6. Keep yourself hydrated 

Staying hydrated throughout pregnancy is yet another significant piece of information. Maintain a handy water bottle to sip water when required. Don't forget to pen down water-filled fruits and vegetables for munching. Bottle gourd, cucumber, cantaloupe, tomato, watermelon, and more help sustain hydration in the body. Adding shakes, coconut water, smoothies, and juices helps hike up your liquid intake. 


7. Screening with PMK scans 

Scans during the early and final stages of pregnancy render specific details supporting safe pregnancy. Pregnancy scans are pivotal in ensuring pregnancy in the uterus, assuring foetal pole and yolk sac within gestational sac, single or multiple pregnancies, analyzing the baby's heartbeat and confirming the EDD.   


In that manner, PMK scans and diagnostic center jump through hoops and ensures safe pregnancy tests. PMK scans stand as leaders, guiding pregnant females toward a safe path for delivery. The sophisticated technology with state-of-the-art equipment for scans and tests assures quality tests and scans at pocket-friendly rates. 


Visit PMK pregnancy scans and tests for the following. 


  1. Antenatal profile: The test ensures a clear picture of sugar, blood grouping, lipid profile, CBC, VDRL, HIV, clotting time, bleeding time, Hepatitis, Rh typing, and complete urine analysis. The test helps obtain all the parameters for ensuring a better working of all hormones. 
  2. NT scan: The common scan usually occurs during pregnancy's first trimester. Our skilled radiologist doctors employ an NT scan for measuring the unblemished tissue present at the baby's rear neck also called nuchal translucency. The test helps detect chromosomal abnormalities if any. 
  3. Early pregnancy scan: A practical pregnancy confirmation happens with the above pregnancy scan. The scan aids in visualizing the baby's heartbeat and glimpses through the ovaries, pelvic area, and uterus. 
  4.  Double, quadruple and triple markers: For detecting genetic and congenital conditions in a foetus, the double, quadruple and triple tests stand very important. Double marker tests play an exceptional role in identifying chromosomal abnormalities, which later impact the child's psychological and physiological growth. So, this is the best possible way to rule out the possibilities of Down syndrome and other congenital anomalies and birth defects.
  5.   Anomaly scan: Anomaly scan is a routine part of antenatal care. An Anomaly scan is assigned during 5 months of pregnancy. Our experienced radiology doctors check the baby's body conditions, such as Spina Bifida, cleft lip, major cardiac anomalies, other birth defects and placental positioning. 
  6.   Growth scan: Experts at PMK scans and labs employ growth scans for analyzing the body measurements and weight of the foetus. Moreover, the scan also checks the amniotic fluid, baby position and the position of the umbilical cord and placenta. 
  7.   Foetal Doppler: With a foetal Doppler scan, PMK pregnancy scans detect the baby's heartbeat and ensure it's healthy. 



Such innovative tests and scans make a confident promise to couples for safe pregnancy tests and delivery. Our PMK scans and labs own up-to-the-minute equipment for scans and testing. Moreover, our online reports, payments, and instant reports comfort every customer stepping into PMK scans and labs. Pregnancy is a milestone in any woman's life, and pushing her to risk may result in serious complications. Hence collaborate with PMK scans and labs for proficient pregnancy scans and tests and ensure a safe pregnancy. 


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