Early Breast Cancer Testing Overthrows Cancer in Life

19.10.22 12:47 PM By PMK Scans and Lab

Early Breast Cancer Testing Overthrows Cancer in Life

Amongst several diseases, cancer is prominently taking the lead position and seizing the health of present generation people. In that manner, breast cancer turns out to be common cancer amongst women across the globe. Statistics state that this malignancy was fourth in the 1990s, and now breast cancer is the top in India. As cancer reaches higher stages, survival becomes difficult. 


It is also pathetic that 50% of Indian women belong to stages three and four of breast cancer. Henceforth, it is a smart way to opt for early detection of breast cancer before worsening. With the help of PMK scans breast cancer tests, detecting symptoms of breast cancer is a cakewalk. 


What is Breast Cancer?


As the breast cells grow and accumulate in an uncontrolled manner, a tissue mass called a tumour develops, resulting in breast cancer. Breast cancer occurs in one or two breasts. Like other cancers, breast cancers creep and grow in tissues adjoining the breast area. These contagious cells move to other body parts and develop new tumours. Changes in breast skin, lumps and other abnormal variations may indicate breast cancer. It is always an intelligent move to book breast cancer tests periodically for early detection of breast cancer. 


Breast Cancer Causes 


Though there is a combination of factors, getting older is a major risk for breast cancer. Breast cancer arises in women above the age of 50. However, there are several causes leading to the development of breast cancer. 


·  Sex and age: Women of 50 plus have high chances of gaining breast cancer and ones experiencing their first delivery after thirty five plus.  

·  Obesity: Obese people have enhanced chances evolving breast cancer and its recurrence. 

·  Genetics and family history: Nearly 10% of breast cancers develop due to abnormal genes from parents to children. Hence, PMK scans breast cancer tests help discover breast cancer in an early stage. 

·  Radiation exposure: There are more chances of breast cancer when exposed to radiation, especially in the chest or head. 

·  Alcohol consumption: Research portrays that breast cancer also develops due to alcohol consumption. 

·  Smoking: The chances of obtaining breast cancer are high with tobacco use. 

·  Late menopause: Women having their menopause phase after 55 years are more expected to develop breast cancer. 

·  Infertile: Women who have not been pregnant and never carried a full-term baby have increased chances of breast cancer. 


Though the symptoms of breast cancer are innumerable, choosing breast cancer tests is an ideal way to highlight it early and save a life. 


Breast Cancer Signs 


·  Breast cancer indications differ from each individual but can be seized with possible signs and confirmed through breast cancer tests in Hosur

·  Breast skin or nipple turning red

·  Shape and size change of breast

·  Any hardened area under the skin

·  During the menstruation period, if the underarms and breast area thickens or forms lumps, it's advisable to book breast cancer tests in Hosur. 

·  Fluid release or blood stain from the nipple

·  A varied look and feel of the breast skin


Individuals facing any of these symptoms must not conclude to have breast cancer; examining with the breast cancer scanning centre at Hosur helps you towards better treatment. 


Breast cancer detection at PMK scans 


It is always an intelligent choice to test the conditions with a breast cancer scanning centre at Hosur if it's breast cancer or some other condition. PMK scans and labs at Hosur have expert doctors performing breast examinations and prescribing tests. PMK scans have a state-of-the-art infrastructure with the latest technology equipment for tests and scans. We perform the following tests to diagnose breast cancer


Mammogram: Mammogram screening at PMK scans helps in early breast cancer detection. It's an x-ray picture of the complete breast to find any abnormalities in the breast. We provide the latest digital mammography and deliver reports immediately. 


·  Breast ultrasound: PMK scans follow breast ultrasound by using echoes and sound waves for developing images inside the breast. Fluid-filled cells, breast changes and tissue growths which are tough to analyze through mammograms, are easily detected with breast ultrasound tests. 

·  Breast Doppler scan: Doctors classify breast lesions as malignant or benign with the help of a breast Doppler scan. The scan helps analyze inflammatory conditions and lesion aggressiveness of the breast. 


Apart from mammogram screening at PMK scans, proficient doctors do the above tests and head towards a biopsy if there are any suspicious indications regarding breast cancer from the test results. We dig the details further with our experts at the pathology lab at PMK scans. We go for the following tests. 


·  FNAC test for breast tumour: The FNA or fine needle aspiration works by removing very minimal fluid or breast tissue with the support of a hollow needle and testing.  The FNAC test has better accuracy in detecting cancers than other tests. The proficient pathologist team plays a splendid role in FNAC testing for breast tumours. The experienced pathologists portray 99.9% accuracy with FNAC tests for breast tumours. The qualified pathologist's team are well-versed with the biopsy techniques for better results. 


·  CEA test: The CEA tests are essential for observing individuals with a few types of cancers. The test is called carcinoembryonic antigen and is a cancer marker. The test helps know the CEA measure in the blood. A high range of CEA indicates certain cancer in the human body. 

All the above tests portray indications of breast cancer and help in early revealing. 




 We all know that cancer is a deadly disease that sometimes multiplies and reoccurs. Henceforth, act smart by testing yourself for breast cancer in advance at PMK scans Hosur for early detection and battling the disease in stage zero. When cancerous cells are demolished at a very early stage, there is no risk of recurrence, and the individual leads a happy life. 

Associate with PMK scans Hosur and enroll for breast cancer check-up plans at a discount. PMK scans always serve the customers with the best quality tests and screenings to guard them against diseases. 

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