CT SCAN - Why & How?

09.08.22 10:42 AM By PMK Scans and Lab

Seven Reasons Why You Need CT SCAN

                            CT scan or computed tomography helps the doctor gain an in-depth vision of the internal organs, tissues, or bones. Thanks to Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, who invented the first CT scanner in 1967. With such an innovative invention, medical imaging experts gain the opportunity to diagnose diseases, cancers, stomach problems, and head injuries earlier. CT scans make analysing and treating any part of the human body effortlessly. With large scan centres in the city, going for the Best CT scan lab for better diagnosis reaps you ample benefits.


Reasons to go for CT scan 


1.  For detecting cancer 


The CT scan plays the extraordinary role of identifying a mass or cancer with details such as its location and size. The CT scan also adds details such as the makeup and shape of the mass, whether solid or liquid. By studying CT scan details, the radiology team also identifies the spread of cancer inside the body, such as in the liver and lungs. Reports state that about 2.3 million new breast cancer cases will arise in the coming years. Moreover, with state-of-the-art technology, CT scans fall into various types. Few of them include 3D CT scan, 3D CT angiography, Large bore CT scanner with therapy, PET scan, and Multi-detector scan. 


2.  For detecting dental issues with CBCT scans 


Besides CT scans does wonders in identifying body organ issues, the CBCT scans are yet another impeccable invention for periodontal care. The CBCT scan is cone-beam computed tomography employed by dental doctors for learning comprehensive details of oral dental health. A CBCT scan portrays the soft tissues, nerves, and bones in detail. The scan also verifies the jaw's dimensions, measure, and shape. A dentistry scan helps dentists detect gum issues and the source of some pain. 


3.  For observing blood vessels


The medical imaging experts obtain ample details about blood vessels with a CT scan. Blood vessel obstacles and other issues get immediate attention by undergoing CT scans. The images offer a thorough vision to doctors regarding the diagnosis of vascular disease without the need for biopsies or surgeries. 


4.  To identify abdominal problems


While opting for a CT scan of the abdomen, barium is employed as the contrast dye for developing comprehensive images of organs, including the uterus, spleen, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, and ovaries. Moreover, the intravenous iodine-built dye in CT scans assists physicians in easy, effortless diagnosis due to refined images. An abdominal CT scan helps in. 


  • Investigating mass in the abdomen 
  •   Detecting kidney stones
  •  Identification of inflammation in intestines 
  •   Studying large or small blockades in the intestines

Moreover, a CT urography helps the radiology team examine the bladders, kidneys, and ureters. 


5.  For investigating head, brain injuries 

A CAT scan of the brain renders brain images for further treatment. The above scan helps medical imaging experts to evaluate  

  •  Intense and chronic headaches 
  •   Head injuries 
  •   Bleeding
  •   Stroke 
  •   Untiring dizziness 
  •   Brain tumours 

Moreover, the CT scan of the head benefits in the following. For assessing aneurysms, conducting a surgical reconstruction plan, analysing the bone damage and soft tissue after facial trauma, inflammation in the sinus and more CT scans support. 


6.  To help the physician perform a procedure 

CT scans support doctors in the accurate execution of surgeries, biopsies, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. For obtaining an accurate observation of the procedural area, CT scans are helpful. Doctors avert treating or cutting the portion of the organ that's unaffected by detailed studying of CT scans.


7.  For detecting and avoiding bone loss


 A CT scan is the most effective way to diagnose, detect, and avoid osteoporosis or bone loss. Reports state that about 230 million Indians are affected by osteoporosis. For adults over 50, osteoporosis is a usual routine, and a CT scan helps identify bone loss. 


About PMK scans and labs 


With such excellent medical benefits, opting for a CT scan with the Best CT scan lab opens the door for better health. In that manner, PMK scans and labs are a premier choice for the medical imaging procedure. The radiology team is a talented crew of experienced and qualified radiologist doctors and radiology technicians providing various services. PMK scans and labs is a familiar CT scan near Hosur that renders the following services 


ü  CBCT scan for dentistry: For the first time in Hosur, CBCT dentistry scan at PMK scans supports patients' dental health. 


ü  CT scan:CT scans Hosur, delivers accurate and precise reports for preventing further disease and better treatment. 


ü  Ultrasound USG and colour Doppler: The pelvic cavity, woman's abdomen, reproductive system, and pregnant woman's fetus with the placenta are viewed with Ultrasound USG. Our PMK team of radiologist doctors are well-trained in using colour Doppler for learning the direction and speed of blood flow. 



  •   Digital Mammogram: Our PMK CT scans Hosur experts help in the premature diagnosis and prevention of breast disease with the digital mammogram technique. With a digital mammogram, doctors identify abnormal mass, areas of solidity, or calcification that leads to cancer. 
  • Digital OPG: For accessing and monitoring the health of the gums and maintaining trouble-free dental health, the Digital OPG works wonders. 
  •   Digital X-ray: Our high-quality digital X-rays offer a clear and better image with high resolution eliminating the need for repetitive treatment or procedure. 



            CT scans near Hosur play a prominent role in detecting and treating diseases. Hence holding hands with PMK scans and labs for scans is an ideal choice. Our caring and qualified technologists deliver world-class imaging to patients. Our exceptional service implants confidence in patience due to the early discovery and treatment of any disease. Live a healthy life by associating with PMK scans and labs for CT scans. 


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