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11 Reasons that overrule infertility and know the best infertility testing solutions

 Infertility has grown common for years amongst young couples. About 10 to 15% of young couples face infertility hassles and seek the assistance of infertility treatment. The life of couples becomes incomplete when they aren’t able to bear a child. However, males and females constitute a cause for infertility, concluding with infertility testing


Definition for infertility

Couples unable to fertilise after twelve months of unshielded or frequent sex end up infertile. Both genders may contribute to infertility. Ample reasons pile up and stay as a cause for infertility. Infertility falls into two categories secondary infertility and primary infertility. Secondary infertility is the failure to become a parent after the first successful pregnancy. As the name suggests, the incapacity to fertilise without birth control after twelve months is considered primary infertility. 


Reasons for infertility 

The pregnancy procedure isn’t simple and takes into account several steps:                     

  •                   The first step is eggs released in females from a single ovary
  •                    The amalgamation of sperm with the egg towards the fertilisation process
  •                   The fertilised egg passes along the fallopian tube and reaches the uterus in females.
  •                      Finally, fixing the embryo inside the uterus in females takes place. 

An issue in any of these steps during pregnancy results in infertility.           


Let us peek into the few key reasons that lead to infertility. 


Female infertility reasons 


1. Cervical or uterine abnormalities: Polyps across the uterus, cervix defects, and uterus shape are a few reasons in women for infertility. Moreover, noncancerous tumours lining inward uterine walls act as a barrier in the most significant fallopian tubes for the movement of the fertilised egg towards the uterus. 


2. Endometriosis: The growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus impacts the functioning of fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries, leading to female infertility


3. Ovulation conditions:  Hyper and hypo thyroids affect menstruation leading to infertility. Moreover, Hyperprolactinemia, where surplus prolactin is released, is also a chief reason for infertility. The disturbance during egg release from ovaries due to ovulation disorders results in infertility. Moreover, tumours, eating disorders and additional exercise yield infertility. 


4. Fallopian tube obstruction or injury:  Sexually transmitted infection and Endometriosis result in fallopian tube inflammation, which is also a chief reason for disease and inflammation in the pelvic region in females. Such issues in fallopian tubes land up with female infertility



5. Primary ovarian inefficiency: Women facing early menopause where ovaries cease working, and at 40’s and menstruation ends are unable to conceive. Few genetic conditions such as Turner syndrome, radiation, and Fragile X condition push them toward early menopause. 


6. Cancers: Cancers that arise in the reproductive system hinder fertility. Moreover, chemotherapy and radiation add to it. 


7. Pelvic adhesions: The result of pelvic infections, endometriosis, pelvic or abdominal surgery or appendicitis form scar tissues that bind organs, making women difficult to fertilise. 


Male infertility reasons :


8. Issues with sperm delivery: Men face issues with sperm delivery due to obstruction in testicles, premature ejaculation, and damage to reproductive organs, genetic illnesses such as cystic fibrosis etc. 


9. Unusual sperm production:  The quality of sperm is mainly affected due to gonorrhoea, undescended testicles, HIV, genetic defects, chlamydia, diabetes, mumps etc. Moreover, enlarged veins found in testes are a prime reason for releasing quality-less sperms leading to male infertility.                     


10. Cancer treatment and its impairment: Cancer treatments that conclude with chemo and radiation affect sperm production, where men land up with infertility. 


11. Exposure to environmental factors: Anabolic steroids, smoking, bacterial-related infections, medications, marijuana, depression, blood pressure, and alcohol are a few lifetime habits that contribute to male infertility. However, radiation, chemicals and pesticides also add to the reasons that push men to infertility. Sperm production is also affected greatly by increased body temperature due to frequent hot tubs and saunas. 


12. Screening for infertility 

Instead of crying over spilt milk, thinking intelligently and doing the trick may end infertility issues. Screening and testing for infertility difficulties and highlighting the root cause are the best way to solve infertility in couples. The advanced technology and latest equipment leave no stone unturned in the medical field. Hence associating with the best scan centres, such as PMK tests and scans, can be a terrific option to solve reproduction hassles. 


PMK scans for infertility 


PMK scans and tests are pioneers in the city in detecting the prime reasons for infertility in their diagnostic centre. We help couples realise the root cause of infertile issues and help them get the appropriate infertility treatment. Our best radiology experts, skilled employees and unique labs are a one-stop solution for infertility issues. 

We use CASA or computer-assisted semen analysis equipment that visualises sperm count with software programs that help learn the sperm parameters. CASA supports understanding the morphology of DNA and Semen analysis fragmentation. All these parameters help detect if there are sperm issues that hinder fertility. 


PMK offers infertility testing packages for both males and females. At the same time, taking a deep look, PMK examines PCOD screening for ovaries, ovulation scans, and scans for follicular study for females. Moreover, automated technology is employed for hormonal assays, FSH, thyroid, prolactin, etc. These hormones are analysed for irregularities and treated. 


Hygienic testing and quick reports push PMK scans and labs to the top level. Screening the progesterone, testosterone, AMH hormones and Doppler scan for testis and scrotum are part of the infertility treatment for males in PMK scans and labs. 




Mark an end to all infertility issues and prepare to bear a child by screening and detecting infertility issues at PMK scans. Associate with us by calling or getting in touch online and book an appointment for infertility tests. Engage with us and start a happy life.           

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