Learning About Fever and the Need for Fever Tests

22.07.22 09:01 AM By PMK Scans and Lab

Fever is the biggest concern for parents as their child falls ill. Any individual affected with fever after the pandemic is like adding fuel to the fire as fever is the primary symptom of COVID. Apart from today's pandemic, fever has been ruling people for many decades. According to government records, fever has been a primary cause of many deaths in India. Instead of taking a turn for the worse, testing in labs for fever types saves a life. 


There are ample reasons and impact that fever causes. Moreover, people died of fever in ancient days because they didn't detect the cause. But today, we live in a sophisticated world, with the best lab test that helps diagnose fever and its causes. 

Know about Fever

Fever emerges with a rise in body temperature than usual. The other terminologies for fever are elevated temperature, pyrexia, or hyperthermia. Fever affects people of all ages. Though fever stays a realistic scenario where the body battles the infection, a specific fever like viral fever is dangerous and may cease your life. 


98.6°F is the average body temperature where a minimal rise predicts the body's war with infection. There are chances to raise a red flag as fever shoots up to 102°F or more. In such cases walking to the best lab test is essential. 


Symptoms of fever 

Before impacting the individual's body, a few symptoms pave the way for fever. Let us know in detail about the symptoms. 


  •   High body temperature
  •   General weakness 
  •  Sweating
  •  Loss of appetite
  • Shaking, shivering chills
  •  Dehydration
  •  Muscle aches 
  •  Constant sweating 


Causes for fever 

Though fever isn't an illness, it implies something within the body isn't right. Fever arises when the brain's hypothalamus hikes the temperature of the body. During such situations, the body turns chill and starts shivering, which releases more heat. Such instances lead to higher body temperature. There are excellent conditions that induce fever, as listed below. 


  •   COVID-19
  •   Malaria
  •  Typhoid
  •   Dengue
  •   Tuberculosis
  •   Viral fever
  •   Bacterial fever
  •   Scrub Typhus
  •   Heat exhaustion 
  •   Cancer 
  •   Blood clots 
  •   Immunizations and vaccines
  •   Sunburn 
  •   Hormone disorders
  •   Medication side effects 
  •    Bronchitis 
  •   Urinary tract infections
  •   Autoimmune conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) and lupus
  •   Illegal drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines
  •   Rheumatoid arthritis 
  •   Mononucleosis 
  •   Strep throat


The checklist that causes fever continues. Hence, fever is an indication that raises a red flag for any harm in the human body. Hence, testing the fever types is compulsory to recognize the illness in the physique. 


Fever Treatment 

Though it's a cakewalk to identify an individual affected with fever, determining the cause is challenging and crucial. Instead of walking towards death's door, registering for fever tests helps identify the types. The most acceptable way for fever treatment is to consult a physician as he concludes the fever type with symptoms, medications, and causes. Moreover, the physician advises for a blood test to gain an in-depth idea about the fever. 


Based on physical condition, age, and fever cause, an individual turns as fit as a fiddle with few medications and rest. But intense fever for a prolonged period mandates lab tests to find the cause. 


PMK scans 

Fevers fall into many types: remittent, intermittent, continuous, relapsing, and hectic. To determine if the fever types include Dengue, viral fever, Malaria, Chikungunya, Typhoid, COVID, or other diseases, going for fever profile tests with PMK scans is an impeccable choice. 


PMK scans and labs at Hosur buckle down in their lab tests and scans to help patients find the root cause of the diseases. PMK scans and labs are beyond belief for those looking for the best labs near Hosur. The efficient procedure and competent employees are the backbones that result in customer quality testing. The pocket-friendly charges, great discounts, and test packages grab customers' attention to PMK scans. 


Tests for fever 

Fever is something not to be sniffed at. Hence booking an appointment with PMK scans and labs and taking up the following tests helps the infected individual recover quickly. Few tests for fever count the following. 


  •   Peripheral smear for Malaria: The smear test helps detect malaria parasites in the blood. 
  •   Urine routine examination: A thorough urine analysis shows the concentration, acidity, bilirubin, infection evidence and added parameters. Urine culture and blood culture tests, CRP, ESR, and X-ray chest are a few tests that help arrive at the cause of fever. 
  •   Dengue antigen: The test helps identify NS1 or the dengue virus antigen recognition, IgM, and IgG antibodies. The NS1 is a portion of the fever-causing virus. 
  •   Typhoid Dot IgM: The test helps identify Salmonella Typhi, the primary reason for causing typhoid. A widal test is also conducted for identifying typhoid. 
  •   COVID test: COVID tests_Rt PCR, COVID antibodies IgM, IgG are tested for COVID suspects, helping in early detection and treatment. 


An individual with continuous fever mandates fever profile tests from PMK scans and labs that test WIDAL, CBC, MP and URINE. 



Collaborating with PMK scans and labs works wonders for staying alive and kicking and recovering from fever instantly. For individuals of all ages hunting for the best labs near Hosur, PMK labs and scans is a dedicated laboratory team with qualified and expert pathologists. The proficient doctors and expert team of professional technicians provide accurate reports for patients helping in the early diagnosis of fever cause and appropriate treatment. Associate with us and get your fever tested without delay for a healthy and happy life. 

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