A convenient way to monitor health- Home sample collection

29.11.22 07:10 AM By PMK Scans and Lab

Home sample collection-Lab tests in easy ways!!

Regular blood tests are essential to ensure you're in a clean bill of health. Such tests help identify any disease symptoms at an early stage and steps towards curing it. Individuals who dislike standing in queues for hours, or older adults who find it tough to travel to the lab to give a blood test, can opt for home blood sample collection. The PMK home test is an apt choice for those desiring to give lab tests at home. 


Benefits of home sample collection 


With technological advancement and busy lifestyles, comfort has become a prime priority for people. Such home sample collection has ample benefits, as discussed below. 

Get rid of queues and waiting. 

People opt for periodic screening and blood tests to ensure they are in the picture of health. The crowded diagnostic centres make people wait in long queues for hours. Elderly and ill people find such scenarios very frustrating and uncomfortable. To get rid of waiting in queues for long hours, intelligent people choose blood and urine test at home. A home diagnostic test averts mental pain and travelling tiredness too. The individual only has to book an appointment with a PMK home test, and the lab technician is at your doorstep on a fixed date and time for sample collection. 



  •  Easy 

There are several aspects to plan for lab tests, such as travel, the time during fasting tests etc. Especially ill senior citizens find it difficult to travel early to the test centre for fasting sugar tests. A home sample collection is a hassle-free technique that averts such hindrances. Ones mandating frequent lab tests find home sample collection a good option. 



  •   Clean service 

It is the hygiene service that has made home sample collection successful. People always fear cleanliness in test centres, but home sample collection has changed how people think. Lab technicians come with sterile and safe testing equipment. Every sample is collected in new containers and equipment for one-time use. 


  • Relaxed testing

The home sample collection is undoubtedly a safe, comfortable and secure method for all individuals. Senior citizens, physically disabled, and ill people find the above helpful. 



  •  Budget-friendly 

Technology advancement in the medical field has introduced new equipment which has made testing sugar, blood pressure etc., effortlessly. With such developments, the home test has also become pocket-friendly. Only a blood and urine sample is ample to list down all the parameters in the body with a PMK home test discount. Hence, home tests are a cakewalk for customers and budget-friendly too. 



  •  Trouble-free service 

The blood and urine test at home is a cakewalk for people as they do not need advanced planning. The customer only calls the test centre and fixes the available date and time. The online facilities are even more straightforward, where testing is booked within a few clicks with the necessary details. The timing for the test is fixed as per the patient's flexibility. 

All these incredible benefits make home sample collection the best choice for testing. 


  •   Online Health reports

The patients can access their test reports online (through mail/ whatsapp/ webportals) once it’s ready. The reports will be in sharable format and can send it further to any doctors or medical practitioners to get more assistance on the same and can store digitally for any future reference.


PMK scans 


While discussing home tests, the Hosur sample collection stands ahead of others. The PMK scan holds a team of competent phlebotomists or technicians who visit the patient's doorstep at the planned date and time. Moreover, our technicians have the mandatory equipment for taking a blood sample and storing it safely until it reaches the lab for testing. The technicians are experts and adhere to ethical standards emphasizing accurate testing. Senior citizens can benefit from a plethora of tests with Hosur sample collection. PMK Scans conducts several home sample tests as follows. 


Blood sugar levels: Once the time slot is booked, our lab technicians arrive early and collect blood samples with a single prick. The blood sugar test helps determine the amount of glucose in the blood. 


  HbA1C test: The HbA1C test reveals the blood glucose levels over the past two or three months. The HbA1C levels are essential to test as they indicate if the patient has high or reasonable control of diabetes. 


  Blood picture: Complete blood count or blood picture helps analyze the overall health and identify several health disorders such as infection, anaemia, leukaemia etc. ample features and components in the blood are measured with a blood picture test. 


 Kidney function test: The kidney function tests are blood and urine tests that help examine kidney working efficiency. The GFR or Glomerular filtration test is the main one which measures the waste clearance from kidneys. 


 Prothrombin time and INR: With only a blood sample, the Prothrombin/INR test is performed to identify the symptoms of clotting or bleeding disorder. 


Thyroid function test: for analysing the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, thyroid function tests for a series of blood is accomplished. A few thyroid tests include T3, T4, and TSH.


 Liver function test: For a clear picture of liver harm or disease, liver function tests are highly recommended. The liver function tests list a few enzymes and protein levels in the blood. 

 Serum electrolytes: The serum electrolyte test is a blood test that helps understand the human body's significant electrolytes such as chloride, sodium, bicarbonate and potassium. Analyzing these electrolytes is essential as they regulate the body's fluid and stabilize the bases and acids. 


Cardiac markers: Small amount of blood drawn is ample for a cardiac marker test. Particular biological markers, such as cardiac enzymes which cause heart attacks, are measured in this test. 


 Arterial blood gases: The arterial blood gas test helps examine the blood's carbon dioxide and oxygen levels. The pH balance that monitors the balance of acids and bases is also evident with this test. 


Urinalysis: Kidney disease, urinary tract infection, diabetes etc., are easily found in urinalysis tests. The urine's concentration, appearance and content are also identified from the above test. 


When a small amount of blood and urine can retrieve the complete history of the body, why don't you try PMK free home collection test? PMK scans Hosur offers an online report facility for instant report download. Download reports effortlessly from WhatsApp, mobile app, mail or SMS.




PMK scans are the top home sample collection team that caters for the need of many people. Senior citizens, patients, and individuals finding it difficult to reach the centre for tests can avail of the PMK free home collection tests. Moreover, the test results are accurate and obtained instantly. Check out the PMK home test discount and offers. Make PMK scans your partner for testing and enjoy the unlimited benefits. 


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