Early Cancer Detection Through Best Tests

21.06.22 04:26 AM By PMK Scans and Lab

9 Beneficial Tips About Cancer Prevention and Early Diagnosis

Cancer raises high as a renowned disease these days that impact a major portion of the population. Cancer arises in an organ or tissue of the human body plus keeps growing, affecting the other organs too. Cancer holds the second position as a death-causing disease worldwide. It affects the stomach, lungs, breast, prostate, cervix, liver, colon,rectal, thyroid, and more.


About 50% of cancers are preventable by following cancer prevention tips. Avert going under the knife by following the best cancer-prevention tips and cancer tests. Let us fly through a few pointers that help prevent cancer.


1. Avoid smoking 

To raise a green flag with a green bill of health, retiring the smoking habit works wonders. Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that damage all body parts, especially the lungs. Henceforth the risk of cancer is minimised by ceasing smoking habits and opting for a lung cancer diagnosis


2. Sustaining fit physic 

Obesity invites cancer with open arms and stands as the main risk factor, as stated by the American Cancer Research Institute. Your extra weight is your own worst enemy as it’s associated with the colon, breast, oesophagus, ovaries, kidney, pancreas, prostate, and ovaries cancer. Being overweight has been a highly debated hot topic in the past few years, resulting in various health hazards. By turning out of shape, the cancer threat hikes up. Henceforth, eyeing the BMI factor and staying fit is mandatory.


3.    Following a healthy diet 

A healthy diet keeps you alive and kicking and diminishes cancer risk. Maintaining good calories by consuming more vegetables, fruits, and fibre food and less animal-based sodium products helps you stay as fit as a fiddle. Nutrition filled multivitamin diet helps prevent cancer from maturing cells in the body.


4. Limit alcohol use 

Extreme alcohol consumption paves the way for the oesophagus, colon, liver, larynx, mouth and breast cancer. Restricting alcohol consumption averts cancer risk and helps you lead a life without worry.


5. Avoid exposure to environmental pollutants and medical radiation 

Book an appointment for medical imaging only if mandatory, as radiations also increase cancer risk. Be aware of environmental pollutants such as benzene, asbestos fibres, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), and aromatic amines. These substances act as a promoter for inducing cancer in humans.


6. Be safe in sunlight

The sun’s UV rays impair the skin cells, a major root cause that opens doors for cancer. Subsequently, safeguarding the skin with sunscreens, clothing and standing in the shadow during vigorous sunlight is a way to avoid skin cancer.


7. Regular exercise 

Regular exercises offer a screeching halt to all major diseases, including blood pressure, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, Stroke and Cancer. Hence dedicating time for regular exercise bypasses your turn for the worse. Plan regular cycling, walking or workout as it enriches the immune system and helps battle cancer infections. However, regular exercise helps spring in one’s step and prevents cancer.


8. HPV vaccination 

The HPV vaccine acts as a battling crew in the body, shielding the body against HPV infection. The effective vaccine helps combat certain categories of cancer.


9.    Regular screening test 

Apart from the above prevention methods, screening for cancer at regular intervals guarantees the individual is cancer-free. The best facet of screening tests is the early cancer diagnosis that is easily curable and preventable. Periodic screening helps remove adenomatous polyps of colon cancer and prevents individuals die from severe cancer. Cervical and colon cancers are a few classifications that are curable when diagnosed early. Hence screening regularly assists in identifying cancer and treating them early.


Best Screening for Cancer with PMK scans and labs


PMK scans and labs are the best cancer diagnosis destinations for pocket-friendly cancer tests. PMK tests for cancer are effective and employ the latest technology for detecting cancer cells. The PAP SMEAR screening for uterine cervical cancer, profiling tumour markers with CA 125, PSA, CA 19, and CEA for colon, ovarian, prostate etc., plays a significant role in PMK scans. The high-definition multi-slice CT scan is yet another latest technology that helps in lung cancer diagnosis. The scan reports are analysed thoroughly by efficient and experienced doctors.


Screening mammography at PMK labs helps detect breast cancer and cure it at an early stage. We all know that prevention is better than cure. We make these words true with free BMI and diet counselling for customers to know if they fit in the correct height and weight. Apart from all these, hepatitis screening, including HCV, HBsAg, and HPV, stays on the list of tests at PMK scans. 


We are pioneers in cancer diagnosis and aiding individuals to know they are healthy. Our lakhs of satisfied customers, exceptional reviews and top ratings hold our name high. We stand prominent for cancer screening tests, help health enthusiasts know the happenings inside the body, and educate them with the best cancer prevention tips




Glimpse through PMK scans and labs online and avail the various packages for the best cancer diagnosis. The user-friendly site takes a few steps for online booking and screening tests schedule. PMK scans offer a variety of packages where cancer screening can be included in the master health check-up or taken up separately. Individuals have the opportunity to book an appointment according to their convenience. PMK scans offer copious tests from head to toe to screen for cancer early and stay fit. Associate with PMK scans and start to live a healthy life. 




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