7 Ways to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

27.04.22 10:31 AM By PMK Scans and Lab

Preventing Covid 19 in Effective Ways

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. This infectious disease caused due to SARS-Cov-2 virus had brought the world to a halt. The onset of the pandemic started 2 years back but with several variants being discovered, COVID-19 is far from over. 

Whilst vaccination appears to be a viable solution to curb the spread of the virus and it did prove to be effective, the alarming rate of rising cases further signals some danger. You should definitely take 2 doses of vaccination on priority but still take all the necessary precautions to stay safe amidst the chaos. 

Lockdowns are no more the solution to curb the spread. However, here are some of the preventive measures that you shall inculcate in your daily routine:

Cover Your Face with a Mask or Cloth

Do not let your guard down. One of the foremost preventive measures is to always wear a mask or cover your mouth with a cotton cloth. It prevents harmful disease-causing germs from entering your body. Traveling without a mask can be fatal these days.

Sanitize or Wash Your Hands with Soap

Do not forget to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before eating or cooking. If you have come in contact with any public surfaces, like, doorknobs, lift, light switches, public toilets, and sinks, etc., clean your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Adhere to Social Distancing Rules

The government has set forth some guidelines for the public to follow social distancing and avoid going to crowded places. It is because we have seen a high number of people getting affected due to the compounding of coronavirus in large numbers. To stop the spread, the only way is to break the chain of how the virus can be spread and so, following social distancing is important.

Safety First Approach While Travelling

People who are constantly on the move are more prone to the virus. The virus is transmissible by air and surface. While you should avoid traveling at all costs, however, take appropriate safety measures if the situation is urgent. Being fully vaccinated, wearing your mask, sanitizing yourself and your luggage, and taking along your medicines are some of the checklist items. If you feel the slightest of the symptoms, it is recommended to isolate yourself and get your RT-PCR test done. Keep in touch with your doctor if you feel drowsy or lethargic.

Switch to a Balanced Diet

Adding essential nutrients to your daily diet is of utmost importance. It is recommended to increase your intake of green vegetables and fruits. Foods rich in Vitamin C, proteins, and calcium can strengthen your immunity and help your body fight against free radicals. Also, drink adequate water and stay hydrated. Taking steam inhalation and drinking herbal kadhas can also prove to be a blessing for your health.

Do Regular Exercise & Yoga

People having chronic ailments are more vulnerable to COVID-19. You should immediately consult your doctor if you feel nauseated, have chest pain, or have breathing difficulties. It is also recommended to have a full-fledged exercise routine to stay calm and boost your mental health. Yoga can be of immense help in keeping stress and anxiety at bay.

Self Quarantine Yourself If You Feel Sick

If you’re tested positive for COVID-19, do not panic. You can self-quarantine yourself, take ample rest and recover soon. However, inform your friends and relatives and ask them to get tested for their safety. Post recovery, avoid traveling immediately and stick to a blanched diet coupled with a regular exercise routine.

Prevention is always better than cure. As we face one of the biggest challenges in the history of mankind, it’s important to not just take care of yourself but also look after your loved ones and society. Following the safety guidelines laid down by the Government and taking good care of your health is the need of the hour. By adhering to these preventive measures, you can play your part. 

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