5 Natural Ways to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy

14.02.22 06:37 AM By PMK Scans and Lab

How to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy Through Natural Ways

The Thyroid Gland ensures that all our organs, right from the brain to the skin receive hormones essential for healthy functioning. If our body doesn’t have enough thyroid hormone, it results in the body processes slow down, and causes weight gain, fatigue and a host of other problems.

Here are some natural ways to ensure the optimum functioning of your thyroid gland:

Consume Sufficient Iodine

Iodine deficiency is the most common cause of thyroid problems, especially among the people in India. By consuming dairy products and seafood we can ensure that our daily quota of iodine for the day is consumed. However, in the case of vegans or lactose intolerant people, having iodised salt in lieu of plain common salt ensure that the person gets enough iodine to stimulate the thyroid.

Eat your Greens

Thank your mom for making you eat your greens if you have a functional thyroid!

Cabbage, cauliflower, spinach and all other green vegetables when steamed, boiled or stir-friend have a positive influence on the thyroid. However, if the same vegetables are eaten raw it has no effect on the thyroid gland’s functioning.

A handful of nuts for your health

All dried fruits and nuts are good for the thyroid when consumed in moderation. Brazil nuts in particular is great for the thyroid, consuming 5 or 6 kernels of Brazil Nuts ensures that your body gets sufficient selenium, a mineral that stimulated the thyroid. Additionally, all nuts are potent antioxidant, which help the body in slowing down aging.

Say No to Crash Diets

A crash diet may seem like the easiest way to lose weight; however, it is not effective in the long run and damages the thyroid significantly. When a person reduces their food intake significantly, their body goes into starvation mode and slows down the metabolism, which can have detrimental defects in the long run.

Be Careful with Soy

Consuming excessive amounts of soy affects iodine absorption, which in turn influences the body’s ability to produce the right hormones in optimum quantities.

Say Hello to a Healthy Thyroid

By following these simple diet and lifestyle modifications, one can ensure that their thyroid is in the pink of health by reducing tiredness, fatigue and weight gain!

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